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Here is the first layout I have created with my February kit. A beautiful picture is such easy inspiration to get scrapping. I’m pretty happy I used up every single one of those daisy flowers on this layout! They are very old, and I hoarded them for awhile for sure, but now, its past the time to let them go and I quite like the way they look on here.


I used the cloud embellishments I had too and also used the velum in behind the picture so I’m pleased. Its nice to get some stash stuff used.

Hope you are having a great weekend.


Counterfeit Kit 2015

I did actually make a counterfeit kit last month, but just never got around to posting anything. I do like to play along, but sometimes I just can’t seem to find the time to post!  Oh well, onto February. I will “try” harder this year to stay up to date, (try is my olw for 2015) and get things posted.

The orginal kit is from and has a travel theme to it.


Even though I have lots of travel pictures to do, my theme isn’t going to be travel. It just didn’t seem to work with the supplies I had.  Here are my basic papers.


then I added the label stickers, some sequins, the journal cards, and the ephemera pack. I’m not sure I added all 111 pieces! but I did include some cardstock and acetate pieces since the original kit had that.


I added the flair, and one small white plastic alpha that I need to use. I just don’t use my alpha stickers and have to try hard to use them up, so I may add more as I go along. I also added flowers. Hmmm. Now don’t get me wrong, flowers are lovely. I buy them. I don’t use them. I’m not hoarding them, I just don’t use them. Soooooo I picked out some flowers and I’m going to try very hard to use them. And then I’m not going to buy anymore, lol.


I’m trying to add a 6×6 pad to every kit so I’ve added that as well, and some liquid pearls, some stamps, washi, and a few bits of ribbon to use up.

027 024 025 026

So back to a bigger kit again this month but I’m ok with that. I’m happy to be getting stuff done and into albums. I hope you play along this month as well!

Here is the first layout I made.

first page

first page

It is from years ago, but again, that doesn’t matter. I am just so happy to be getting stuff done! Now see that little brown embellishement on the bottom right corner on the tag, that’s the naked chipboard square. Yes it is too. I painted it, then added a sticker to it and voila, another piece used up. AND I also used my flowers on this page, both of them! I did add in the frame, it was really hard to see my daughters little face in the pic, so the frame just brings more attention to it. Hard to see in these pics I know.
So have you tried a counterfeit kit yet? I think you should.

Have you chosen your word? Did you know right away or did you take some time, mull a few over? I thought about a couple but I was pretty sure Stronger was going to be my word. I’m not entirely sure how exactly I will work it into my life, I have no specific plan, I just plan to. The exciting thing is that by this time next year, I WILL be stronger, simply because that’s the word I have chosen and I’m going to incorporate it.

I like this word because I feel it has a variety of meanings and some of these can be measured only by me. I don’t have to tell anyone, or show anyone, or do anything to get any kind of validation from my word. I can know myself that I am stronger.

I am going to try to think about it everyday, haha I guess its only the 2nd, so so far so good at least! I like that my word can be both mental, and physical. I like that it empowers me, that it encourages me, that its a goal but with out a finish line, that I can go forever if I want. I hope your word does this for you.

I will

I will

A new counterfeit kit!

I’m so happy there’s a new Counterfeit Kit up! I really enjoy playing along with this, and as it encourages you to use your stash, as well as create pages, I see that as win/win and I am happy to play along.
This is the kit they have chosen for January. It is Hip 2 Be Square’s December kit.

Hip 2 Be Square kit

Hip 2 Be Square kit

Since I live where we very seldom get snow, I did have to change things a little bit, but I did stick with the colours and the general feel of the kit. There is also this embellishment kit.

embellishment kit

embellishment kit

Then, they also said, lets add Freckled Fawn’s Oh Deer Me kit! You bet, lets do it! Here is there December kit.

Oh Deer Me kit

Oh Deer Me kit

So I got busy going through my stash, pulling papers, looking for designs and colours, finding embellishments and mists, goodness gracious, what a great way to start a new year! So after searching, here is what I came up with. My papers:

my papers

my papers

I don’t have snowflake papers, as I say, it seldom snows here so I don’t buy much winter stuff. I did pull the small floral yellow paper though, it kind of reminded me of snowflakes, as well as the greyish dot one. I found a map, and some stripes, some pink stripes, some woodgrain, I even did the A and B sides of some 🙂 Then I went to the embellishment kit.
some embellies

some embellies

This is the first pic, some Amy Tangerine, Basic Grey, yes yes, that is old Heidi Swapp you see there, and Doodlebug, yes its true. I’ve had this stuff for THAT long haha. I also added this,
more embellies

more embellies

Rather than a cut apart sheet, I used some loose journal cards I had. I added a mist, a piece of 6×6 paper, I’m going to try to add at least one piece to each kit, it won’t use them up, but at least its a start. My piece of naked chipboard, again to try to use up, as well as other chipboard pieces. The kit pieces were not white, but its what I had to use so mine are. I have the epoxy stickers, and a today stamp. Again, not the same as theirs, but its still a today stamp.
Then I did the Oh Deer Me kit.
extra embellishments

extra embellishments

So my stamp set is bigger, but my wooden numbers are smaller, I feel like that evens things out 🙂 I have the bling, some acrylic shapes, no flocked brads but I found these ones that have a little flower etched into them, some paper clips, I don’t have shaped ones, and the little buttons. I have a roll of washi and yes I added a flower! I like flowers, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t seem to use them. I’m happy to see a kit that only has one, I added 2 – FTW!
So after gathering it all together, I set about playing with them all and should have some posts on that a little later. I’m not a fast scrapper at all so it takes me awhile. Go check out CKC and play along. You’ll use your stash, be creative, and get some pages done. That’s a good thing.

Welcome 2014

I feel like 2014 will be a good year, don’t you? I hope to get lots accomplished this year in all aspects of my life, not just scrapbooking.

Have you chosen your word for 2014 yet? Are you taking Ali’s class? I am not registered for the class, but I have chosen my word, and I am going to try to be aware of it and incorporate it into my life. My word for 2014……..

One litte word 2014

One litte word 2014

I feel I can use that word in lots of areas, not just physically stronger, but mentally as well. I sometimes use the weakest excuses really, for not doing something, and I need to be a little stronger about that.

I am using that word in my scrapbooking as well. Not falling to the “pressures” of the latest and greatest, to really think if I need something or not, to try to be a little more creative and if I fail, that’s ok. Also to use up my stash. I have product from years ago, I mean years, and I think, well I can’t post a pic of that now! But once the page is in my album, who will know if I did it in 2014 or 2009? Maybe it was brand new product then, maybe I made the page then, who knows, but when you flip through the book, you can’t tell the date it was made – well other than technique give aways lol.

I will be posting some layouts using older product in the next little while, as well as a new “system” I’m trying out. My version of batch scrapbooking. I will post lots of pics so you can try it too if you like.

I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you. I wish you all the best and if you have chosen your word, do share! Perhaps we can do something together here along this line to keep ourselves inspired.

Merry Christmas

A very merry Christmas to you all. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and all the best for 2014.
Have you chosen your word yet? Are you doing the class? I am not doing Ali’s class but I have chosen my word. I’m going to choose “Stronger” for 2014. I will have some posts about this in the New Year.
2014 will hold some new ideas for this blog as well, but we will get through the Christmas season first.
Have a safe and happy holiday to all of you!!