my scrapbook pages and thoughts

Have you chosen your word? Did you know right away or did you take some time, mull a few over? I thought about a couple but I was pretty sure Stronger was going to be my word. I’m not entirely sure how exactly I will work it into my life, I have no specific plan, I just plan to. The exciting thing is that by this time next year, I WILL be stronger, simply because that’s the word I have chosen and I’m going to incorporate it.

I like this word because I feel it has a variety of meanings and some of these can be measured only by me. I don’t have to tell anyone, or show anyone, or do anything to get any kind of validation from my word. I can know myself that I am stronger.

I am going to try to think about it everyday, haha I guess its only the 2nd, so so far so good at least! I like that my word can be both mental, and physical. I like that it empowers me, that it encourages me, that its a goal but with out a finish line, that I can go forever if I want. I hope your word does this for you.

I will

I will


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