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Welcome 2014

I feel like 2014 will be a good year, don’t you? I hope to get lots accomplished this year in all aspects of my life, not just scrapbooking.

Have you chosen your word for 2014 yet? Are you taking Ali’s class? I am not registered for the class, but I have chosen my word, and I am going to try to be aware of it and incorporate it into my life. My word for 2014……..

One litte word 2014

One litte word 2014

I feel I can use that word in lots of areas, not just physically stronger, but mentally as well. I sometimes use the weakest excuses really, for not doing something, and I need to be a little stronger about that.

I am using that word in my scrapbooking as well. Not falling to the “pressures” of the latest and greatest, to really think if I need something or not, to try to be a little more creative and if I fail, that’s ok. Also to use up my stash. I have product from years ago, I mean years, and I think, well I can’t post a pic of that now! But once the page is in my album, who will know if I did it in 2014 or 2009? Maybe it was brand new product then, maybe I made the page then, who knows, but when you flip through the book, you can’t tell the date it was made – well other than technique give aways lol.

I will be posting some layouts using older product in the next little while, as well as a new “system” I’m trying out. My version of batch scrapbooking. I will post lots of pics so you can try it too if you like.

I hope 2014 is a wonderful year for you. I wish you all the best and if you have chosen your word, do share! Perhaps we can do something together here along this line to keep ourselves inspired.


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