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Here’s how I made this.

Another one of the things I love over at CKC is that there is plenty of inspiration to make your own counterfeit items! I decided to make a few myself, and here’s what I did. I’ll start with the paper.
I started with some gesso, some cardstock, and a big square of that plastic cross stitch canvas.



then I spread the gesso over the cardstock, fairly thick, then while it was still wet, I pressed the plastic canvas into the gesso. I pushed evenly all over, then lifted the canvas off. If you like the results, then yay, you’ve done it. If not, smooth it out and try again. That’s the nice thing, its easy to fix and fun to try.
plastic canvas and gesso

plastic canvas and gesso

this one is after lifting the canvas off
after lifting the canvas off

after lifting the canvas off

After the gesso had dried, I then stamped a heart image onto the cardstock, and heat embossed it with clear embossing powder.
embossed heart

embossed heart

After a few, it looked like this.
counterfeit paper

counterfeit paper

Then I thought I’d counterfeit those cute little drug store labels. I used some distress ink to give the feeling of “age” to it, then only stamped certain areas of the stamp to imitate the original.

stamped "labels"

stamped “labels”

I also did the speech bubbles. I used kraft paper and cut out a speech bubble shape. I used some that had lines on it thinking that would make it easier should I decide to write on it.

speech bubble

speech bubble

This was a lot of fun. And a great way to stretch your supplies if you are trying to save money, or simply need an item you don’t have right now. Try counterfeiting something yourself, then share with us so we can see!


Comments on: "Here’s how I made this." (3)

  1. *applause* for joining in on the forgery fun!

  2. Cute forgeries, love the mini tutorial using the gesso.
    Cindy F

  3. Very creative forgeries. Great job!

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