my scrapbook pages and thoughts

Well, other than a paper cut that is. 

It was just so fast and so silly, I should have been more careful. I was busy creating a page for an online crop at Scrapshotz – be sure to check them out if you haven’t already – and I was using eyelets.  My toolbag was sitting on my desk, my scissors were in there, pointy side up, you can see where this is going can’t you, and I dropped an eyelet.

I bent down to pick it up, and poked myself in the eye with my scissors! Now it could have been so much worse, I was very lucky. I caught the corner of my eye, and luckily didn’t cut it.  I did go get it checked out and it’s basically just a bruise.  It really freaked me out though, so fast, and so preventable! That’s the bad thing, it didn’t have to happen. But I’ve learned a good lesson and I did manage to finish the page. Here it is.

soccer layout

soccer layout

I think my eye was still a little wonky because I notice the eyelets are not evenly spaced.  It will be a good reminder for me now!


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