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CSCK Vancouver

img_3596.JPGBack from my weekend in Vancouver. What a fabulous time I had! I met some amazing people, took some fabulous classes, and had a great time.  I cannot even begin to list the people I met, I met so many from all over.  We had some “famous” scrappers there that was a real thrill to meet as well as some people I only knew online so it was great to meet them in person.  Our weekend was a huge success and we managed to raise almost $40,000.00! This picture is of the cheque being presented to the BC Children’s hospital. It was very emotional to watch this and know that it was happening in cities all across Canada.  Our organizer, Nicole, was amazing. What a fabulous woman she is. She did just a superb job and I will be back next year if there is one.

I took a bunch of different classes I can share with you over the next little while. They were great! I don’t think I finished a single class in class time, but I’m ok with that! I’ll finish them up at home and then share them with you.  Thank you to all my teachers, you were outstanding. I loved everything.  I am so grateful you took the time to come to this event ( one all the way from North Carolina!) it was such a great weekend.


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  1. Sandra Wharton said:

    It was so great to meet you!

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