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Soccer Star

soccer star

We are once again getting ready for another soccer season.  Ryan loves the game, he really does. He works hard, he practices hard, and he gives his all at each game.  This year he has been named Captain of his team, I think they made a great choice.  He’s dependable, level headed, and a leader, but I may be slightly biased! I’m ready to get out there and watch him play, and see if I can get a few good pictures this year.

Unfortunately, once again politics has reared its ugly head in the world of sports. We are hoping everything will be solved amicably, but once egos are involved, someone will be disappointed. I think it’s so unfair of these people to be trying to change things around now when the boys season opener is on Sunday. Let them play. Stand back and think about why you are making these decisions, why you are trying to do it now, and who truly wants them. These boys are fine, keep the politics out, and wish them a good season.


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  1. My first visit to your blog – great page. I belong to a stamp club and politics is rampant there. There are some older men who think the earth should change because the have opinions on everything. Hope Ryan can ignore it all and keep on having fun.

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