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Multnomah falls

My family at Multnomah Falls. We visited here on our holidays this year, what a beautiful spot. It was lovely.  We did hike up to the bridge you can see in the background, quite the view from there. We were lucky enough to visit many interesting places, and took some great photos too, however we were rained out a few times which was disappointing.

One of the nice things about a vacation is the reminder of all the luxuries we have at home that we start to take for granted. A kitchen sink available anytime, hot water with the turn of a tap, and a fridge to keep our food chilled.  I’m still enjoying these and trying to remember just how nice these conveniences are!

I’m also looking forward to scrapping the pictures I took on vacation as well. This may have been our last family vacation like this, the kids are older and tenting it is getting harder and harder, lol! I will miss this type of holiday but I’m sure we’ll manage to find another way to take some time off and travel. I really enjoy the time we spend together, the places we go and the things we get to do, I hope we have a few more years of it left.


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  1. Great picture Vikki!!! love it!

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